s UKATA-approved licenses asbestos removal training - TASC
Category C - licensable work

This UKATA-approved Category C training will provide you with the theoretical and practical skills necessary to undertake licensable asbestos work.

This training is divided into two categories – initial and refresher training; with a third category – practical - undertaken at the initial training and any subsequent refresher training as determined by the training needs analysis (TNA).

Who needs this training?

You need this training if you are working for an asbestos licence holder as defined in CAR 2012 (regulation 8), or undertaking ancillary works under the supervision of a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

When is this course running?

For details on when we are running this course, please contact a member of our team:

T: 03333 114410
E: info@tasconsultants.co.uk
Full ukata syllabus

Relevant legislation for:
Operatives and supervisors Managers