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TASC launches new Mental Health – Management Intervention Course

The new course will provide line managers with the skills and confidence to help someone who may need to share a mental health problem with them.

What is mental health?

Mental health can affect people in different ways. Essentially, it’s all about the way that we think, how we feel and how we act. When it comes to issues that people face most often, depression and anxiety are at the top of the list. These problems could be triggered for a number of reasons, such as losing a loved one or having to deal with financial issues.

Our guidance focuses predominantly on work-related stresses, however, when this kind of stress is dragged out over time, it can lead to physical and psychological issues. Unnecessary stress at work can also aggravate any pre-existing conditions or even make them worse.

Whatever the cause, all employers need to be aware that it is their legal responsibility to help any of their employees in the event that a mental health risk is identified. In the event that there an issue, actions are required to try and resolve the situation.

Some employees will have a pre-existing physical or mental health condition when recruited or may develop a condition caused by factors that are not work-related factors.

Where do I start?

Training & Safety Consultants (TASC) is organising a Mental Health – Management Intervention Course.

  • When: 26th February 2020
  • Where: At our head office in Chorley
  • How long: Morning course commencing at 09:00-12:30 approx
  • Cost: £250 + VAT per person

Strong leadership and management are a key factor in ensuring good mental health and wellbeing for employees. For many people, the way they are treated by their line manager and the behaviour of leadership in the organisation plays a key role in how employees feel about themselves and their work. Leaders and managers play a vital role in reducing stigma and encouraging staff to talk about their mental health problems.

The Management Intervention course is a half-day workshop which provides line managers with the skills and confidence to listen to and talk with someone who feels that they need to share a problem regarding their mental health. The course looks at how to create a working culture that can support staff to be more open about their mental health, how to have conversations about mental health, how to support someone experiencing a mental health problem and shares tips on staying well at work whilst supporting colleagues appropriately.

The workshop is not intended to provide technical knowledge on mental health conditions, nor does it cover treatment options for those diagnosed with a mental illness.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what is meant by mental health.
  • Identify the pressures facing employees and identify how they affect mental health.
  • Understand why people are reluctant to talk about mental health.
  • Identify ways of looking after our own mental health.
  • Identify the signs that someone needs help and know what to say and do.
  • Recognise that’s it’s OK (and beneficial) to talk about mental health.
  • Properly respond to a request for a conversation or ask for one.
  • Create a safe space in which a conversation can take place.
  • Build rapport with a person to facilitate an open and trusting conversation.
  • Apply good listening skills during a conversation.
  • Recognise manager behaviours which can positively and negatively affect worker wellbeing.
  • Offer practical advice on workplace issues or arrangements that may need attention or improvement.
  • Provide details of organisations and support services that can provide help, information and advice.
  • Help establish an immediate plan of action and to manage any follow-up conversations.

If you wish to book or enquire please contact the office on 03333 114410 or contact us via our enquiry form.

In addition, this course along with a Mental Health First Aid (2 days) and Mental Health Awareness (one hour) courses can be delivered at your place of work or at our training centre in Chorley.

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