What is F0cus?

Developed and designed in-house by TSS, parent company of TASC, F0CUS is our own proprietary work management platform. The innovative platform is designed modularly to offer maximum flexibility, allowing the system to be configured to match the specific needs of the individual user.

Modules include:

Order Management

Eliminate spreadsheets and simplify the process of managing orders. The order management module allows you to store all of the order details securely and keep track of everything on a user friendly dashboard. Add new fields as required to customise this module to your needs.

Document Management

This module allows you to store all relevant, non-system data neatly alongside orders and schemes. This module seamlessly integrates with any organisation via a wide range of document management structures. Documents can be emailed into the system to provide an easy way to upload no matter where you are.


The planning module enhances the functionality of the order planning module with configurable tasks, planning, mobile integration and real time operative reporting. Define storyboards that keep all relevant personnel up-to-date with projects through checkpoints and automated responses.


Reporting is one of the most powerful features in the F0CUS platform. Users can report on data from each module and customise reports to provide detailed information that’s relevant for each individual organisation. The dashboard is user friendly and offers detailed line reports, enhanced analytics and complex multi-source datasets.

Commercial Management

Ideal for improving the commercial and finance processes involved in a contract, our commercial management module can implement functions and controls related to cost and value recognition. You can also change management, billing and supply chain payments with ease and implement processes and reporting for granular level management of contract costs.

Benefits of using f0cus

F0CUS offers many advantages to businesses who use this innovative work and asset management platform, including...


F0CUS can be enabled to interact with our mobile solution, enabling users to capture data in the field and prevent double keying.


Built from the ground up, with a modular design that means that it can be scaled to suit any task.


Although each module works independently, they are interlinked with seamless and secure data transfer for real-time information.


The user-friendly interface allows for a fast and efficient workflow that can save both time and money on any project.

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