Operating nationwide, TSS is the parent company of TASC, offering professional consultancy services within the infrastructure sector, including:

  • Quantity surveying
  • Commercial management
  • Financial auditing
  • Project management
  • Clerk of works
  • CDMC/Principal Designer

The team at TSS has a vast pool of sector knowledge of the infrastructure industry on which to draw upon, in particular across rail, utilities, highways and the wider infrastructure industry. It’s this knowledge and reputation for quality that has made them the go to consultancy service for a wide range of high profile clients, such as Merseyrail, Electricity North West and BT Openreach.

The TSS Approach

TSS take a tailored, customer-first approach to each and every project to ensure the best possible outcome, no matter the challenge. Their four core values keep them focussed and ensure the highest standards are met at all times, these are:


TSS uses groundbreaking technologies, such as F0CUS, to assure success. They work differently and always seek to be agile and approach each project from a unique angle that best solves the problem at hand.


The people who work at TSS are their greatest strength. Offering a wide range of skills and knowledge, TSS are able to assemble unique teams based on their abilities to best approach each individual job.


TSS believe in remaining agile in order to be able to pivot and move fast on behalf of their clients. Not only that, but they strongly believe in keeping their word… to put it simply, they do what they say they will, when they say they will.


Upholding strict professional standards is one of the cornerstones of the business at TSS. Each member of the team operates in a professional manner to ensure each client has that all important peace of mind.

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